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Owner's Corner
Heather and Steve

Oddly, Heather Lumpkin, formerly of Atlanta GA and Steve Benaski, from Attleboro MA, first met at the Rooster back in 2003. Heather, a bookkeeper and tax consultant and Steve an insurance claims executive were both avid motorcyclists and the Rooster was one of their favorite places to visit. A friendship and mutual respect followed and both saw the Rooster morph through a series of owners. In 2009, with the Rooster alive but worse for years of wear, they pooled their resources, formed One More Round Inc. and purchased the Bayard Rooster. The rest, as they say, is history.
Their goal was simpleā€¦.clean the place up without changing what it is, make it a safe and friendly environment for all to visit, and make it a place you can come to alone but never feel lonely.